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Established in 2019, Lux Academy is a Toronto-based Art and Technology school. We focus on building and educating industry-ready skills in traditional art and digital media. Students will actively learn advanced techniques that are taught by certified teachers and industry professionals.
Our focus is to educate and train students in both high-tech and traditional media so that they can enter the competitive and ever-changing creative landscapes with actual industry-ready skills and abilities.
All Lux Academy Programs and Courses are aimed at keeping students up-to-date with industry specifications and requirements for future employment opportunities.

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Lux Competitive Advantage

International Locations

Lux Academy head office is located in Toronto, Canada. Additional satellite offices are located around the world in Paris, Xi'an, Shanghai, and Guangzhou

1,000+ Offers

Having successfully delivered services for more than 1,000 students and families, Lux has helped tens of thousands of students successfully apply to their ideal programs in top universities around the world

Seamless Service

With client services team located at every regional office around the world, Lux Academy ensures that any client concerns or questions are dealt with in a timely fashion, regardless of time zone differences

Professional Mentors

With local instructors and mentors coming from a variety of backgrounds and industries, Lux Academy guarantees that students are paired with the most talented teachers in their line of profession

State of the Art Facility

Lux Academy is headquartered within a 1,400 square feet state of the art studio with industry level art stations and equipment

Online Course Delivery Option

With the option to take lessons digitally, students have the flexibility of studying with Lux Academy remotely. This also grants the ability to customize students' learning schedules to best suit individual situations


Why Lux

Professional Art Development & Overseas Employement

Lux Academy’s core instructing members involve currently employed industry professionals and certified teachers. Additionally, the client-services team is composed of young individuals who are not only affluent in industry and applicable knowledge, but are also constantly evolving with the demands of our students and clients. We hope that through our guidance and support, clients will easily fulfill their dreams both academically and on the professional career front as well.
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Lux Academy is headquartered in Toronto, Canada, with satellite offices in both China and Paris. The academy’s existing educating staff consists of over 20 professional mentors, each with a variety of industry experience. Individually, they each have over 10 years of work experience, and are highly qualified mentors for art program portfolio preparation.


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