Architecture, Landscape, Garden, Urban, Interior Design


Are you interested in pursuing a career in architecture? Do you dream of designing and constructing innovative structures that transform the built environment? Our art portfolio preparation course can help you develop the necessary skills to succeed in this dynamic and challenging field.

This course is an intro-level design theory class exposing students to the fundamental definitions of design-built subjects including architecture,

landscape architecture and urban planning and design. The class content is a combination of theory lectures, short discussions, tutorials, desk critics, reviews and in-class exercises. The theory lectures are basic but detailed introductions to various terminologies, precedents, thinking and design methodologies.



In addition to a well rested and properly fueled mind and body you will require the following tools, in order of appearance:

SET 1 THINK: Sketchbooks (approx 6”x8”), Pens, Felt tip markers, Pencils: h,hb 2b, white erasure, Rigid Tape measurer (meters & feet and inches

measurement) Architectural Scales (metric), math set (steel is preferred), Eraser shield, Leadholder, leads, pointer, drafting pens, masking tape.

SET 2 DIGITIZE: Laptop capable of running Adobe Creative Suite, Rhino (5 or better), A dedicated graphics card is an asset, Drawing tablet.

SET 3 MAKE: Cork Backed Ruler, Metal triangles,Olfa Exacto Knife, White Glue (weldbond), Generic Dust/particulate mask, Safety Glasses, Tweezers, 3”Machinist’s square, Cutting matt MATERIALS: ~ not required but recommended

• 12” or 18” tracing paper roll (could be an iPad)

• 36” tracing paper roll (could be an iPad)

• 36” Vellum paper roll (could be an iPad)

• Various thicknesses white, clean

carboard, millboard

• Stick elements from basswood or other related




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