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Successful cases


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An Qi

After comparing quite a few different art portfolio schools, I went with Lux Academy. Best decision ever! Every Lux Academy instructor  is very experienced at their job, and can always provide industry specific insights to really help guide my decisions when choosing programs to apply for. They are always patient, and also super talented too. I came with a very tight timeline to complete my portfolio. Not only did they work with me to meet the deadline, but with that portfolio I actually got into my dream program and school! Thanks Lux!

Clarissa Lin

Hannah refered me to Lux Academy, as she told me they were a big help to her portfolio preparation. I wanted to apply to a Master's program, and was looking to really polish up and change things in my portfolio that would make me more competitive in my applications. Vlad was extremely helpful and knew all the requirements of the program I wanted to apply to well. He was also able to provide very insightful tips and suggestions to altering my portfolio to really stand out amongst applicants. I wouldn't be where I am without you guys! Thanks Lux!

Claire Wang

I didn't expect to improve so much in such a short time! Lux is also very close to my house, so that gave me more opportunity to work on my portfolio with them as well. I think all the teachers are super knowledgeable and professional. They gave me input on my portfolio that really changed my perspective of looking at things and approaching artworks too. Thank you so much my Lux family~!

Stephanie Liu

One thing I really liked about Lux Academy is that the entire mentor team all come from world renowned university backgrounds. I was able to be directly connected with a mentor who graduated from the program which I was planning on applying to. He graduated from Sheirdan Illustration bachelors program and provided very detailed and specific suggestions and recommendations for my portfolio. 

Yiling Sun Parent

I was recommended to Lux Academy by o

Alan Zhou Parent

Alan had a certain amount of fundamental skills when I brought him to Lux Academy. A friend had recommended Lux as their son saw significant improvement from his time at Lux. Vlad and the team was very professional and did a great critique/assessment for Alan, correctly placing him in Fundamentals Level 3 to progress. I would definitely recommend to any of my friends and families who are seeking a professional studio to guide their child's art growth path in the future

Doris's Mom

Doris joined Lux Academy as a Fundamentals Level 1 student when she was still in Grade 10. She just completed her portfolio for this application year, and I'm very happy with the progress she's made. She told me she's confident with her work, and she's actually told me specifically that she wants to apply mostly to Art programs in the states. Awesome team at Lux, and thank you guys so much!

Cathelina's Father

Cathelina actually ran across Lux Academy's social media posts online. She's currently in her last year of high school, and we have been looking for a suitable studio to provide guidance on her portfolio creation. Even though we're in Vancouver and Lux is in Toronto, the online lessons that we signed up for were delivered with a high level of professionalism and effectiveness. 

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